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UPVC Cleaning & Restoration

UPVC Cleaning & Restoration Let us transform your UPVC to look like new. We have the tools and solutions to revive nearly all types of UPVC frames and we’re supper fast and professional.  We have been in the business for over 25 years and know all the problem areas. All your have to do is let us do a great service. Sometime people leave things until they get in such a bad state, that there’s no going back. A regular UPVC cleaning does not cost too much and your UPVC frames...

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Tips on Cleaning Interior Windows & Mirrors

Tips on Cleaning Interior Windows & Mirrors Cleaning interior windows and mirrors is normally easier than cleaning exterior windows. Mostly because there are more types of exterior environmental elements to cope with.This maybe seasonal storms or summers winds or dirt sprayed off the floor by busy traffic. Not forgetting birds can also play havoc with your exterior windows as they look for food or pass by. Interior window glass is usually not as dirty, however if you’re a smoker you will...

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History of Window Glass

Caspar David Friedrich, Woman At A Window (1822) In the past glass was a precious material, so highly valued that only the wealthiest homes had glass in their windows. And most homes had no glass. So how did we get here from there? Glass making was an advanced process during the Roman era, and many ancient homes had glass-paned windows. The very early windows were panes of glassy pebbles set in a wooden frame. These windows would let some light through, but were not completely transparent....

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