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Winter Window Cleaning

So many people ask if their windows need cleaning in winter!! The answer is yes, yes, yes. Why would you not clean your windows in the winter, as they get dirty just the same as the other seasonal months. In fact they can get more dirty as snow and winter weather debris sticks to the windows. At WFC Domestic window cleaning we know that all windows have to be cleaned all year around, if you want to look after your home and keep your windows gleaming. Professional window cleaners know how to...

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Christmas Window Cleaning Service

Christmas Window Cleaning Service Our Christmas window cleaning service will have your windows gleaming for Christmas and New Year and our after season window cleaning service will make your life much easier, as we take the handwork out of the reminders left on your windows after the festive season is over! We all have a busy time at Christmas with family and friends calling around to enjoy the festive season together, and everybody likes to do that little extra to make their home or business...

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Using a Squeegee to Clean your Windows

You will need some basic equipment You should be able to find all the tools you need in your local home centre or hardware store. It does not have to be expensive to do it yourself. 10 to 12 inch  Squeegee Scrubber Bucket Dish Washing Liquid or a more specialised window cleaning product if you prefer Some Lint-Free Rags or small towels Keep your squeegee fitted with a sharp, new rubber blade. Purchase two or three to have on hand. Dirty, nicked, sliced or rounded blades with not do a good...

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