IONIC Pure 80° Hot Water System

IONIC Pure 80° Hot Water System

We use the Zero Ionic reach & wash system to wash your windows, doors, Upvc, conservatory and solar panels.

Our system is the ultimate system when it comes to doing a professional services for our customers. Killing bacteria, cleaning dirt and removing debris.

Ultra Pure 80° Hot Water System

  • Zero parts per billion water
  • 1,000 times purer than water produced by any other brand
  • Zero parts per billion = Absolute zero.
  • Ionic technology is used in laboratories & the nuclear power industry.
  • When used for window cleaning the power off zero parts per billion makes a visible difference not only for dirty windows, but for all windows.
  • A standard zero system is zero parts per million normally only deals with dissolved solids and water.
  • The Ionic Zero System = Has a number of additional filtration steps that includes UV to deal with organics in the water, by introducing Ozone. The redox of the water is changed and organic matter & bacteria in the water is binded together. They become larger and easy to remove.

Two Principle Benefits

  • Bacteria such as legionella are completely eliminated
  • Biofilm is prohibited from forming on the RO membrane maintaining top performance. Want to know more….
ionic window cleaning System
ionic window cleaning System
ionic window cleaning System
ionic window cleaning System
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