Using a Squeegee to Clean your Windows


You will need some basic equipment

You should be able to find all the tools you need in your local home centre or hardware store. It does not have to be expensive to do it yourself.

  1. 10 to 12 inch  Squeegee
  2. Scrubber
  3. Bucket
  4. Dish Washing Liquid or a more specialised window cleaning product if you prefer
  5. Some Lint-Free Rags or small towels
  6. Keep your squeegee fitted with a sharp, new rubber blade. Purchase two or three to have on hand. Dirty, nicked, sliced or rounded blades with not do a good job, if your squeegee blades become damaged, just replace them. You can reverse your blade to get more use out of it
  7. Ladder if you have upper floors and are good with heights


Fill your bucket with water and about a teaspoon of washing up liquid and you’re ready. In below-freezing temps, add some wind shield cleaning solution so the water doesn’t freeze on the glass. A light scrubber works great and is worth buying if you have a lot of medium to large panes of glass. Having a good quality sponge is all you really need and is especially good if most of your windows are small.

  • Dip the scrubber in the bucket and squeeze out any excess water
  • Don’t forget your ladder if needed
  • Scrub the glass thoroughly getting into all the corners and cleaning the edges
  • Make sure to cover every square inch of the glass
  • This technique allows you to get great results
  • Use the squeegee travelling horizontally across the glass, if you prefer to do it vertical that is fine too.
  • If you do clean the windows vertically, angle the squeegee to direct the excess water towards the uncleaned area
  • Tip the squeegee so that only the corner contacts the glass
  • Then, starting at the top corner of the glass, clean a narrow strip of glass from top to bottom on one side
  • This clean strip makes it easier to start the horizontal stokes
  • Press the squeegee blade against the glass in the upper corner and pull it steadily across the window
  • Concentrate on keeping the top of the squeegee in contact with the top edge of the window
  • Begin again, with the top of the squeegee overlapping the previous stroke about 2 in
  • Pull the squeegee across the window at an angle to direct excess water down. Wipe and repeat
  • Use the rag in your pocket to wipe up excess water along the bottom edge of the window
  • Wipe off any streaks using a clean area of the lint-free rag

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By Bernadette Kyriacou

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