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Whitening Your UPVC Tips

Whitening Your UPVC Tips How to whiten uPVC window frames We all love those bright white UPVC frames and how brilliant white they look when they are brand new. But like everything else time takes its toll and they become very dirty and in some cases yellow. They can lose their luster and shine, look dull and if not kept in good condition start to crack. If this scenario sounds familiar, you may want to try a bit of DIY to do the UPVC cleaning yourself. A few TIPS if you want to clean upvc window frames...

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Power Jet Washing vs Pressure Washing

Power Jet Washing vs Pressure Washing Power Jet Washing vs Pressure Washing is there a difference? People always tend to just assume they are the same and yes they are very similar, but there are indeed some differences. Power Jet WashingPower Washing is a process where dirt and other surface materials are removed. These maybe such materials as mud, mildew, mold and similar materials that stick to hard exterior surfaces. These contaminates are removed from the surface of the exterior areas, such as sidewalks, fences,...

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Clean your Gutters before Winter

Clean your Gutters before Winter Its very Importance to get you Gutter cleaned before Winter set in…. Its easy to forget about your gutters until the leaves begin to fall and the gutter totally blocked especially in winter. Your should never overlook your gutters as having well maintained working gutter is important to the safety of your property. Your gutters are part of the exterior attached to your home and act as a trough, carrying water safely away from your property, so it does not get damaged. When not maintained...

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How to Clean Block Paving

How to Clean Block Paving How to clean block paving Its always best to get a professional to clean your block paving, but if you feel you want to do the job yourself, let us help you do it right! Cleaning block paved patio’s or driveways is a regular maintenance chore if you want to keep your driveway and patio well looked after and keep the surfaces structurally strong. First you need to remove all the items in the area you are going to clean This maybe plant pots, patio furniture or anything else you have that...

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